railway Project:

Newmarket  Subdivision


plan status: In progress

phase status: Phase 1


Built in 1850's, the CN Newmarket Subdivision was the subdivision that connected Toronto to North Bay. The subdivision is known to connect to multiple different railways and subdivisions such as the CN York, Beeton, Meaford, Bala, and Huntsville Subdivision. It also connects to the CP North Toronto Subdivision and indirectly connects to the CP MacTier Subdivision. The subdivision was also known for it's connection to The Toronto and York Radial Railway, The Schomberg and Aurora Railway, and the Ontario Northland Railway (Ontario Northland Transportation Commission).

Ownership Rights:

The track from Toronto to Allandale is owned by Metrolinx, but CN has operating rights between Toronto and Bradford.

The tracks from Bradford to Rama, Barrie to Tottenham, and Barrie to Meaford were all sold to the the Barrie Collingwood Railway and were in operation until the late 1990's. The BCRY tore the up the tracks between Beeton and Innisfil, as well as Collingwood to Meaford and Barrie to Rama.

The track between Bradford and Barrie was sold to Metrolinx in the late 2000's while the BCRY still owns the tracks from Innisfil to Meaford 

Our plan:

Our plan is to purchase a portion of the CN-owned Newmarket Subdivision from Mile Marker 93-98.8. By doing this, we can operate a historic railway that runs from Ramara to Washago, and back. One of the main benefits to operating a historical railway on these tracks is the ability to explain the history behind the railway and the land by sharing the story of the indigenous people of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation.

On September 21st 2018, we reached out to CN to discuss the possibility of us purchasing the Newmarket Subdivision.

Below, you will find up-to-date information regarding this project including the main plan, the phases, and the

Where we are now - As of may 2020:

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the funding for the Newmarket Subdivision has halted as funds now are being used towards maintaining day to day operations. We would like to assure the public that after the pandemic, we will continue to invest money into the Newmarket Subdivision.


phases and maps:


Phase 1: Finish obtaining required funding for the purchase of the track

Phase 2: Evaluate and assess the condition of the track during the purchase process

Phase 3: Purchase the track from CN Rail

Phase 4: Start the preservation and restoration process

Phase 5: Launch historic rail service

Map of the track:

pROPOSED STATION and yard locations:


WASHAGO Junction yard

*Phases are not described in detail as full plans are not available to the public.

**Plans, Yard Schematics, Track Information, Financial Information, and Infrastructure Information will be available to the public in the future, upon successful purchase of the track.

***Location(s) may vary and are approximate. Location(s) for reference use only

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