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Thanks for visiting. Here at The Canadian Railway Preservation and Restoration Association, we are a federally incorporated non-profit organization that strives to protect, preserve, and restore railroad tracks. We also offer otreach services such as rail safety education and railway history.

Together, we can protect our heritage and our history!!!

An urgent message regarding COVID-19 from the


Here at The Canadian Railway Preservation and Restoration Association, we care about the health, safety, and well-being of our members and communities across Canada. It brings me deep sadness to hear the stories of people who have contracted the virus. My thoughts go out to the victims and their families that are effected by COVID-19.

Although no one in our organization has contracted the Coronavirus, the Board of Directors and I agree that precautionary measures need to be put into place to protect our members and the communities we serve.

Please visit our dedicated COVID-19 Coronavirus page for details regarding what changes will be made to the CRPRA and it’s subsidiaries.

I am personally holding all of those effected close to my heart during this difficult time.

The process in which we protect and preserve our


1. Obtain: We work with local, provincial, and federal railways to obtain tracks. It could take anywhere from a few months, to a few years, for property transfer-of-ownership. Railroads are very expensive and require an extensive amount of funding. This could also delay the purchase.

2.Protect and Preserve: After we obtain a track, there is never a guarantee that the track will be restored to full service or a historic rail service. There are several factors, some of which are track age, reliability, public opinion, and funding. 

3.Restore: Once all of the required factors are met, we will either restore the railroad as a historic railroad or a full service railroad. This requires support from volunteers and financial backing from local municipalities and sponsors. Please note: We are a non-for-profit organization, meaning we do not personally profit from the revenue of the company. Instead, any money we have left over (after operating costs) will be re-invested back into the company.

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